This is our heavy duty detox formula. This tisans job is to start the detox process immediatley. Although it is bitter in taste your results will be well worth it.




- Cleanses colon

- Optimizes liver function

- Aids in weight loss

- Steep time 1-3 minute, drink 2 times daily for 1 week for best results.




Capsule option:


- Take 2 capsules daily





*We reccomend you increase you water intake while detoxing.  








Why detox?When flushing your system tea should be the first choice. The bioavailability for liquids are 100% compared to solids. Meaning you will receive all the nutrients the tisane has to offer quicker than eating solid foods. Once you remove waste from your body you can notice a difference in your digestion, sluggishness and fatigue will disappear, and there are tons of weight loss benefits as well. But most of all you are one step closer to ensuring you stay clear of sickness.

Deep Detox

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