Tea vs. Tisane

What is tea and what is a tisane? I would say this is probably one of the most over looked and most misunderstood concept. So let’s dive into it by starting with tea. Examples of tea goes as following: green tea, black tea, white tea and all the variations such as oolong, wuyi, gunpowder and countless others. These teas may be loaded with taste antioxidants and some vitamins and minerals. There are studies that show that tea also contain caffeine, however the amount will vary by the type of tea. Most cultures consume tea on a consistent basis as a part of their tradition.

Now what is a tisane you might be wondering? You’ve probably haven’t even heard the word before today. Well truth be told it’s just a fancy word for herbal tea believe it or not. These are blends that consist of herbs, roots, flowers barks and sometimes fruit. They were and still use as medicines to align the body in many ways. Tisanes have been around for ages and have been known to treat and reverse different illness, diseases and to treat wounds. The sole purpose of these blends are to help the body repair itself in a natural way. Granted some results are instant but it takes time for the body to completely heal itself. Even though tisanes are classified as medicines you can still drink them on a daily basis.

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