The Power of Balance

We often talk about what’s good for you and what not, however we rarely talk about balancing. When dealing with health the most important thing you can do is have balance in all aspects of your life. True healing the body deals with get mental wellbeing, spiritual clarity, and the physical. When all three of these categories are aligned one will experience true health. So how do you bring balance to your Mind body and spirit you may ask?

Let’s start with mental healing. Lots of people in the world suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. In order to receive mental clarity you have to remove yourself from that toxic environment first. Seeing something refreshing every once in a while will give you a new outlook on life and may spark a new interest that you can succeed in and boost your esteem levels. The way to beat the low vibrational mental blocks is by looking at self-worth and appreciating the things you have accomplished and by working on your short comings. You also have to be resilient and knowing that your last effort might not have been the best one however you can always improve.

Next is spiritual clarity or your "will". I for one think this the element we possess that regulates our balance. Rather you are a spiritual person or not, spirit is the life force of motivation. Your will to get through those tough things is sometimes all you have. When your spirits are low much doesn't get accomplished and if it does it’s not up to satisfaction. When you start to gain spiritual clarity you take back your power. Things get done and it plays a huge part in your mental and physical healing. This portion is the of balance can get you through the hardest times in life as well as keep you at your peak and push you beyond your dreams.

Last but not least you have your physical body. This is where most people spend all their energy. Although this portion is extremely important it is still equal to the other two portions. Balance is about have equality throughout yourself. The physical aspect is what everyone can see and that’s the reason why the majority of the public works of this portion. When you have true balance within yourself it will show in all three aspects. You will be positive in your words, people will be able to feel your good nature, and you will glow physically. But most of all you will feel amazing and will have the ability to help others. Our life goal is learning how to balance all the things the universe throws at us. Once you tap into the power of balance all things will flow and you will become a healthier being.

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