Tinctures - What are and what are they used for?

In the modern world we hardly ever talk about tinctures and how they work. So the million dollar question is, what is a tincture? Basically it’s a combination of herbs infused in a solution such as alcohol or vegetable glycerin. The purpose of the solution is to extract the nutrients from the herbs and to make them more potentiate so you can take a smaller dose. This will allow the body to receive all that the herb has to offer.

Similar to tea the bioavailability in tinctures are extremely high. One might argue the difference in the methods is merely a convenience factor. Tinctures are taken orally underneath the tongue. This allows the body to absorb the liquid faster into the bloodstream. In return it’s almost an instant reaction in the body. Teas are taking orally, however they may put you in the mind of relaxing while enjoying your provided atmosphere. Liquids offer the most bioavailability because it’s ability to infuse with the body on a cellular level.

Tinctures are fairly easy to create, you can use dried or fresh herbs. It typically takes 6-8 week for the herbs to effectively be extracted of their nutrients. You can store in a cabinet or next to a window for natural sunlight. Not only will the sun help with speeding up the infusion process but it will also render much needed universal energy needed to help with healing.

Peppermint Tincture:

- One 8 ounce mason jar

- Fill jar halfway with dry peppermint (fill completely if using fresh peppermint).

- Fill Mason jar completely with alcohol solution Vodka or tequila (80 proof).

- Add top and allow tincture to sit for 6-8 weeks

- Once finished pour into another mason jar. Be sure to use a cheese cloth to squeeze all access liquids from the herbs. This is where the bulk of the nutrients is being held.

- Once complete take in increments of 1 teaspoon under the tongue.

This tincture recipe can be used for G.I alignments. 1 tsp 2x’s daily can assist with constipation, stomachaches, or a stomach virus. It will also help eliminate any foul smells coming from your stomach due to undigested food. This tincture will also help with balancing out good and bad bacteria in the gut.

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