How to detox properly

Looking online you will find many detoxes. You go down the line best combination detoxes, the time length of your detox and certain things that can help speed it up. So today I'm going to give you the 3 of the best ways to insure that you detox your body properly. Now this is not a product booster, these are 3 key things to ensure you are completing your detox effectively. We look at detoxing in the same context as a workout . Before you workout typically you set a goal. If your goal is to do 3 sets of 10 you put that into your head and you dive into the workout without stopping until you finish. Well that's how we plan to do it. But in all seriousness set a realistic goal. The length of the detox being the most important. If your a beginner a 21 day detox may not be ideal for you. Try to scale it back to 1-3 days and build from there. Next is choosing the proper diet. If you don't know by now diet and nutrition is everything. You will not properly detox you body if you have a bad diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables during your detox will ensure you get a proper cleanse all the way down to your cells. Also be sure to consume plenty of water. Water is like magic, it will wash away any extra waste that may be left over as well as assist your detoxing agent. Last is discipline. Starting something and not finishing is unacceptable. Detoxing or cleansing is not a walk through the park and should be treated seriously. Reminding yourself that you promised yourself that you will meet your goal is a way to keep that discipline. Now that you have this information go out and be great. You can do it! 

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